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Goodarz ManaviPirooz Sheybani

Sinam Consulting Engineers was founded in 1973 by Goudarz manavi and late architect Pirouz Sheybani, in Tehran. The core of practice was established-and is still based on- an ‘Architectural Design Atelier’. Within the last four decades of Sinam History – in collaboration with other partners and associates- the founders’ professional objectives have always pursued an innovative path and have been updated in respect of socio-economic trends. Achieving a sustainable strategy, what matters the most is delivering Specialized Construction Engineering Services, mainly in the field of Architecture from Concept Design to Construction site supervisions , so called Integrated Design Process, in close cooperation with other disciplines (including Structure, Mechanical and Electrical Installations, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, etc.) In the last four decades, about 110 projects have been designed and executed by Sinam. Among them:

- Office Building and National Treasure Museum of Central bank of Iran:Museum-Garden of Central Bank of Iran. (Under Construction)
- The headquarters of Ministry of Health and Medical Education. (Realized)
- Sepad Khorasan multi-use Tower, Office-Commercial-Residential. (Under Construction)
- Noshahr Educational-Welfare-Hotel Complex of Central Bank of Iran. (Realized)
- The headquarters of Saderat Bank of Oroumieh. (Realized)
- The headquarters of Saderat Bank of Oroumieh. (Realized)
- The headquarters of Saderat Bank of Lorestan. (Realized)
Sinam Consulting Engineers has also participated in many national and international competitions and received many awards. Among them:

- 1996, First Prize Winner, Residential Complex in Shiraz Street converted into Refah Bank. (nominated for Aghakhan Award)
- 1995, First Prize Winner, Office Building of Central Bank of Iran and Museum of National Treasures. (an Invited Competition in Iran)
- 2005, Second Prize Winner, Comprehensive Plan of Amir Kabir Industrial University, Mahshahr campus.
- 2002, Third Prize Winner, VIPBuilding of Imam Khomeini International Airport in collaboration with Setec from France.
- 2010, Third Prize Winner, Design Competition for Narges Complex #3 and #4 in Mashhad.
In order to provide solutions for a developing country towards sustainability, offering Engineering Services in Sinam rests on global innovative technologies in close adaption to the rich culture of its own context.



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